Sustai­nab­le film and video production

Your com­pa­ny has a strong CSR poli­cy and runs a cli­ma­te-fri­end­ly busi­ness. But—when it comes to video pro­duction you often lea­ve a lar­ge car­bon foot­print. Unfortu­na­te­ly film­making is by its very natu­re not that sustai­nab­le, qui­te the con­trary actually.

Less environ­men­tal impact

Video pro­duction with focus on mini­mizing cli­ma­te impact

At Pro­du­ced By, we are proud to intro­du­ce our gre­en video pro­ductions whe­re we stri­ve to cau­se no unne­ces­sary harm on our cli­ma­te. We offer a gre­en video pro­duction for com­pa­nies on Fre­de­riks­berg, Ama­ger and in the rest of Copenhagen.

Gre­en film

What is a gre­en film production?

In the­se sustai­nab­le pro­ductions we’re com­mit­ted to the following::

  • Pri­o­ri­tiza­tion and use of eco-fri­end­ly trans­port: wal­king, bicyc­le, public trans­port and electric vehicles.
  • Portab­le solar panels for char­ging batteries.
  • Car­bon-neut­ral electri­ci­ty for the office.
  • No pla­stic waste on set, such as dis­posab­le pla­stic bott­les and cutlery.
  • Vege­ta­ri­an food on set.
  • 5 ton­nes car­bon cre­dit for cli­ma­te-fri­end­ly pro­jects in deve­l­o­ping countries.

Sustai­nab­le film production

Get in touch for more on sustai­nab­le film production

Would you like to know more about our work on sustai­nab­le film and movie pro­duction or do you have questions? You’re always welco­me to get in touch with us on Pro­du­ced By.

We work for com­pa­nies in Copen­ha­gen, that wants a gre­en film pro­duction in line with their CSR policy. 

You can get in touch in seve­ral ways, so choo­se wha­te­ver fits your needs. Call us, wri­te an email or use the con­ta­ct form below.