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Ege Heck­mann


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Anni­ka Lund Jensen


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About us

We are pro­du­cers who sin­ce 2017 have deve­l­oped and imple­men­ted gre­en ini­ti­a­ti­ves in our own productions.

We know the film and tele­vi­sion indu­s­try and the chal­len­ges that come with chan­ging the old habits and forms of pro­duction. We under­stand the importan­ce of keepi­ng the high qua­li­ty in the pro­duction and that gre­en ini­ti­a­ti­ves must not strain the cre­a­ti­vi­ty. But we also know that it is pos­sib­le to mini­mize emis­sions with up to 90% in a pro­duction. We must all con­tri­bu­te to this and we would like to have star­ted yesterday.

We have foun­ded Kli­ma­kon­sul­ter­ne becau­se we want to help the cre­a­ti­ve indu­s­try get off to a good start with the gre­en tran­si­tion. We have the know-how and the tools to calcu­la­te co2 consump­tion, both for film and TV, but also for festi­vals and theatres.

The gre­en tran­si­tion is rele­vant for eve­ry­o­ne and it is only a mat­ter of time befo­re requi­re­ments are impo­sed in the cre­a­ti­ve indu­s­try. So why not just start today?

Our vision is to help the cre­a­ti­ve indu­s­try lower their emis­sions and con­tri­bu­te posi­ti­ve­ly to cli­ma­te chan­ges. We are based in Fre­de­riks­berg in Copen­ha­gen, whe­re you are always welco­me to stop by for a cup of cof­fee. You can also call or wri­te us.

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